Recommend bonus

Referral Bonus

Eligible Accounts

Already verified accounts

Promotion Detail

During promotional period, invite friends to register and verify for a live account and eligible users may be entitled to generous prizes/rewards

Promotion Detail

  • Receive $50 USD bonus credit

    for each friend referred

  • Refer 10 Friends

    Get 500 USD Bonus credit

Promotion Terms and Conditions

To thank all our loyal customers support, during the event, users who invite friends are able to redeem credit bonuses.

1. We will contact you via email or by phone and assist you in applying for bonuses. Bonuses are usually credited within 1-2 business days.

2. Users must meet the required traded volume in order to convert credit bonuses to withdrawable credit. The required trading volume can be worked out by dividing the bonus amount by 10. For example, if the customer receives a $50 bonus, to withdraw they must trade 5 lots = (50÷10).

3. The required trading volume must be accomplished within 180 days after the account is opened. If the account does not meet the required trading volume within 180 days, Regain Capital will cancel all bonuses.

4. This promotion is only available for individual accounts, escrow and agent accounts are not eligible.

5. If the customer does not qualify to open a real account, or meet promotional requirements, or abuses any activity terms, Regain Capital reserves the right to cancel the customer's qualification at any time.

6. Regain Capital is not responsible for any loss of customers as a result of participating or failing to participate in this event.

7. Regain Capital reserves the right to change, discontinue, terminate and cancel this activity at any time during this event with or without prior notice, for any reason and limitation.

8. The final interpretation of the above terms belongs to Regain Capital.

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